Wild Honey..Indigenous Food of Himalayan Region of Nepal


Conventional method of wild Honey processing

Wild Honey is an indigenous food  of the Higher Himalayan region of Nepal including High Himalayas and High Mountain.Wild Honey is Produced by Nepalese native wild honey bee viz. A. dorsata, A.dorsata, A. florae and A. cerena.

Researchers have shown that, Himalayan Honey has high free radical scavenging  activity, free radicals that are highly reactive molecules can be extremely damaging to the lipids, proteins and cellular DNA  which  may  lead  to  many  biological  complications, including  carcinogenesis,  mutagenesis,  aging,  and  atherosclerosis.

Himalayan Honey of Nepal is one of important indigenous food commodity which is enlisted by  Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS) under  19 export products which provide competitive advantage to Nepali firms and industries  over other countries in the global market. Nepal Government has prioritized honey as a high value commodity. It is also assisting entrepreneurs  on  promoting  Nepalese  honey  in  different  markets.  Nepalese  honey  is famous  for  its  unique  taste  and  it  has  been  already exported  to  different  countries.  The major  consumers  of  Nepalese  honey  are  Germany,  Japan,  Malaysia,  Russia,  Taiwan, Korea, USA and India.

I have got chance to participate in  the field trip of  faculty research on “Comparative Study of Antioxidant Capacity of Two Kinds of Honey: Himalayan and Domestic”, of  Pokhara University. During the course of our field trip at Sikles VDC of Kaski, I have been observing that the  main Problem was due the Conventional method of Honey Harvesting and Processing Procedure.

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