Indigenous food consumption trend in ghalel Community of Kaski District : A Case study


 Keywords: Indigenous food, Community, Culinary habit, jand, raksi, Sukuti, High blood pressure, Digestive disorder,


`Ghalel Community of kaski district is of composite community of Gurung ethnic group (67.8%) and Marginalized community (32.43%) and has diverse cultural heritage, and of food habits. Quantitative research survey was conducted using key formal Interview-based questionnaire, informal discourse, and observational study.

Research study on Indigenous method of culinary and eating habits in the community shows that Production and Consumption of meat base dried sukuti with jand and raksi is quite high. Meat product Occupy 40.50% of their net indigenous food consumption, likewise millet based fermented alcoholic beverage viz.. Jand and raksi consumption is 29.78%.It is seen that consumption of Fermented, Non- alcoholic traditional food is declining in Gurung ethnic group of ghalel community. Gitta, vakur, Tarul, gundruk are the major frequent indigenous food of ghalel community having high rate of consumption for Marginalized ethnic group.

Digestive disorder, High blood pressure, and Diabetes are major health related problem seen in ghalel community.

Majority of marginalized community is seen to affect by digestive disorder.Gurung ethnic group are more prone to seen health hazard on Diabetes and high blood pressure since the frequency of consumption of jand, raksi and meat is higher.






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