Mission of Food Activism


Short Description of the Programme

Programme      : Food Activism -2013, Pokhara (Food and Nutrition awareness rally & Photo Exhibition)

Date         : Dec 17 2013

Theme              : Food and Nutritional Security Today’s Necessity

Organizer       : Nepal Food Technology Students’ Association,Regional College of Science and Technology

Sponsers (Main)   : Regional College of Science/Health Science and Technology, Pokhara  Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Laxmi group Pvt.Ltd

Sponsers             :   Pokhara Sub-Metropolitian & Fishtail Dairy Pvt.Ltd

Promoters          :   Child Health Education and Save Society Nepal CHESS,Nepal,Local Initative for Biodiversity Research and Development (LiBird),Pokhara, Food and Nutrition awareness (FONAC) Disable and Helpless Rehabilitaion Service Centre (DHRSS)

Suppoters              :  View your Choice (Out Reach Partner), TAAN, Springly mineral water,

Gaurishankar Foods, RGI

Co-ordinator       : Ashim Sigdel   NEFTSA ReCOST Advisory 2nd  executive

Chairman               :  Mohan R. Gautam  President NEFTSA Recost 2nd  executive

Venue     : Regional College of Science and Technology for awareness rally and Chipledhunga B.p chowk for Photo Exhibition Programme.

Detail  of the Programme


There are two major goals of the food activism programme

1.  Awareness among students, poor citizens and  general public including stakeholders.

2.  Promotion of Underutilized Nutraceutical food and Nepalese Indigenous Food.


1.  The core objective is to increase public awareness about problem of hunger,malnutrition, unhygienic food practices and  adulterated food.

2.  To explore the nutritional value of underutilized crops for the mitigation of  Nutritional insecurity.

3.  For the Promotion of Nepalese Indigenous food; Indigenous foodpreneurship  to reduce poverty.

4.  Encourage  and  inspire  the  government  and  concerned  authority  to  ways  forward  to achieve Millennium Development Goals by the targeted 2015 A.D.

5.  To Focus on local authorities for the regular market inspection to assure on food safety.

6.  To emphasized on general public in Hygienic practices in preparing food.

7.  To aware entire mass of population about consequences of  chemicals and pesticides on human health.





 click here to download detail report of Food Activism 2013






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