Improving Technology for the Improvement of Quality Foods.



It is our great pleasure to disseminate the report of the trilateral interaction programme, Food Technology Challenges Addressing Food Industries thematic to “improving technology for the improvement of quality foods” in the form of booklet in the 3rd Annual General Convention of Nepal Food Technology Students’ Association (NEFTSA) Pokhara.

There is a proverb… “A good start is half done”, but we don’t want to claim that we have good starting and we completed half of it. It is our first effort, whether it is complete or incomplete that goes to the reader.

The motto of this programme is to aware the consumers, industries, and many more stakeholders. It is our first glimpse to the quality food through technology in a trilateral interaction program.


Click here to download Report of Interaction Programme

There may be many mistakes and errors in an activity and programmes, we apologize the mistake hereby. We the students of Nepal Food Technology Students’ Association at Regional College of Science and Technology feels proud to organize this program, Food Technology Challenges Addressing Food Industries on 15th June 2013.







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